Why Africa ?

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I have always asked myself what does the people want..or to put it much squarely ..what does the people in a particular society wants, Do they all want different things..like Mr Okoye who wants to be rich and Mr Udenka wants to be poor, or maybe people want the same things, like every body wants to be rich, tall or strong…but I know for sure that there are people who wants to be poor, to be short and to be frail… as strange as this sounds to the majority out there such people do exist..and they exist for their own purposes and their own reasons..and for this fact peoples can’t really want the same things…But there are things in each society that everyone wants in common, things like Security, Good infrastructure, Progressive and Efficient Educational system, Affordable Housing and the rest..At least Mr Okoye want to be farmer but he needs security from Fulani herdsmen in his farm for him to Operate efficiently just like Mr Agbala needs security to operate his bank, even the schools needs security for them to exist. Things we want in common, to have access to food when we need it..to running water , to shelter and ultimately warmth. The Question is Why don’t we have security ?


We all want to have shelter over our head..as humans we can all acknowledge the importance of shelter to our Mental and Physical wellbeing. Then why are there the homeless ? Are we in charge of our fate or is there someone who has taken charge of our fate as black people…if we all want the same thing then why are we not getting even what we all want , is there something wrong with the black race ? Why does everyone walk on us and go scot free, why does it seem that we no longer care about our race..and each new day brings us closer to our extinction. Why is the black race a symbol of failure, of laziness or dis-organisation ?..are we really these things..or is it just the way others choose to see us..who are the others and why do they choose to see us that way..have we always been seen this way , if yes why if not then when did it start ?…what were we, what are we now, why are we not where we all want to be and not seen how we want to be seen..why is ours different ?


Many revolutionary movements has risen and fell within Africa and with the rise of each they claim to provide the Universal human needs for the African people but yet they all fail..why could this be so..is it because blacks are not intelligent to run a nation , maybe the current system and methods of which the economy of nations were are too complex for the black man, or maybe there are another way of doing things which the black man might fare better in..who created this present economic systems, does the black man part of this idea or was the idea imposed on him. Why is everything the way it is for the black race..that a man will be born and he will suffer all through his life…from birth to death..and never for once experiencing true happiness at all. Are we really FREE to decide our own fate as a race ?

This blog will be about WHY..and when we ask questions…what we could do about the truths things we’ve realised.

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