What really counts

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What really counts in life?

Is it wealth,fame,looks,personality or…

Life experiences has taught me that so many things makes life worth living. Like the ability to afford the good things in life, the confidence we derive when good looks are complimented, the joy of being famous and having a lot of people wanting to be associated with you.

These and many more gives us happiness and temporal fulfilment. Because, the truth is we do not have total control on the turn out of life events. And that’s reason why some that tasted wealth are now living in penury. The once famous personalities fades off that even their fans forget they exist. That looks that make heads turn may be gone within second’s.

The things that you once pride in, may become the reason your eyes gets teary. Though we all hope for the best,yet we have little control over some natural occurrences. Exactly the reason we must choose those things we can fully control as our pride.

I am not saying we should not derive joy from the blessings of nature but I am only reminding us that like life, it comes and goes. A beautiful girl can meet an ordeal that could change that appealing looks to the opposite. So is a famous or wealthy man.

When things turns around for bad, what will you be left with?

What will become your solace?

What will people still appreciate about you?

The you that only you can alter. That special part of you that you took time to build. I mean your personality, that will be remembered by most people you cross path with.

The worst thing to loose in life is that which you have the power to change. In fact no one can change them without your permission.

Sadly, the the things that are of more value has become that which people throw away per second and many never even bother to build nor keep, CHARACTER.

Our attitude is everything and should be valued more than all the trends we promote in this generation. Imagine a crippled man polished in rotten attitude. He obviously, is likely to die a lonely man even if he is wealthy, because genuine people may not stand his attitude coupled with his disability that could be excused.

This is a reminder that everyone deserves true friends and family. It is our duty to create an enabling environment in order to accommodate our loved ones.

Don’t pay too much attention to the things that you can’t exactly protect and let the ones you can slip away.

Guard your personality jealously, improve on it and make our society a better place.

Keep that which really counts.

Sodee BLM.

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