Tattooing and African culture

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Tattooing and African culture.

In recent times, the tattooing culture is gaining grounds again and has received lots of criticism as a result of the influence of religion on the African people. It is no news anymore that most Africans demonizes their culture and would rather make some religious book a compass to their journey of life.

Tattoo unfortunately is one of the many indigenous African culture that has been demonized by imported religious practices. But is tattoo really strange, a badge of crime or dishonour for a melanated person?

Our ancestors wore tattoos for so many reasons aside beautification. It was also worn for identification, people from different clans had their style of tattooing that were indigenous to them. Some were also a representation of festivals and ceremonies. Neighbouring communities were identified with their unique styles or tattoo designs.

Tattooing for Africans were indigenous and the motive behind each design honourable with great significance. Like a special group or title  people wear tattoos defining what they stand for and are identified by others with it.

Bringing tattooing to our present generation is totally a different ball game. Most people wearing tattoo now are merely following trends. Most times they know absolutely nothing about the designs they wear or what it stands for. They are either doing it because some celebrity or influencer was seen wearing same. So, they need to belong. The designs worn has no relationship with what some of them represents, neither does it define their person. The trend is also been abused and has been totally hijacked by majority of persons consider to be very irresponsible. I suppose that is part of the reason why  it’s been demonized and frowned upon.

My call this day, is to fellow Africans. Please join heads together and restore our beautiful culture that has been hijacked by people with little or no values. Thereby given room to the demonization and extinction of such culture.

Our culture is our uniqueness and what makes us stand out. Let’s learn their significance and we will know their value and preserve them for through them we are identified and our true stories can be told.

Sodee BLM

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